Best Drip Coffee Makers of 2022

best drip coffee makers

Search with the words “Coffee Maker” online and you’d probably get thousands of coffee making products, each with their own features and brewing styles.

What you’d really want is a personal espresso machine that you can use at home, at work, and anywhere you wish to savor a good cup.

Here, we have compiled a list of the best coffee makers which make use of excellent drip pour systems.

Best Drip Coffee Makers Reviews

10Hamilton Beach Brewstation 12-Cup Drip Coffee Machine

You might be wondering where the glass coffee pot or carafe is when you put the Hamilton Beach Brewstation Summit on your countertop. The brand has made use of a combo consisting of an insulated tank, which is used to store the coffee and a heater that could keep the coffee warm. Push the dispenser bar and the drip coffee machine will pour out your favorite beverage in your cup.

The product comes with a water level guide and a coffee level guide for accurate dispensing and measurement. You can also set how strong you want your coffee, from relatively pick-me-up mild to a robust, strong flavor that is sure to wake you up. Programmability is also a feature that you can use to automatically brew a cup as you wake up in the morning and leave it to turn itself off.

What could make it more appealing is its iced coffee function. Load up the tank with ice and water, then push a few buttons to have a refreshing drink during the hotter season. The Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Dispensing Machine can be set to brew small batches of up to 4 cups. The parts used to create coffee are all BPA free. Best of all, the product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty which is good for 1 year.


– No heating plate for burnt coffee taste.
– Can fit anywhere with its small footprint.
– A myriad of brewing options available (iced, bold, regular, etc.)
– Convenient and removable coffee tank.
– No glass coffee pot to break.
– Auto shutoff and programmable features.


– Not dishwasher safe.
– Water may leak to the back due to steam condensation.

9Black and Decker DCM18S Personal Coffeemaker Brew ‘n Go

Tiny is as tiny goes, and this Black & Decker is arguably the best value drip coffee maker in this list. The coffee unit brews your favorite espresso right into the included travel mug. Single coffee drink enthusiasts and those who are always on the run to and from work will find the Brew ‘n Go a very useful household appliance.

You’ll find the Black and Decker Coffeemaker very easy to use, and may also be surprised that it can churn out pretty good coffee as well. The parts that make up the machine (brew basket, permanent filter, the insulated mug) are removable and can easily be cleaned via top rack on dishwashers. The included mug can carry a capacity of up to 15 ounces. It has a non-skid bottom, a rubber handle and the insulation works quite well in keeping your coffee warm and tasty. The stainless steel construction is paramount to the level of quality you can expect of the Black & Decker brand. Comes with a 1 year warranty.


– The best value pick in this drip coffee maker list.
– Sturdy and well-built.
– Good compact size.
– Can brew both coffee and tea.
– Excellent for on-the-go coffee lovers.
– Intuitive mechanism and easy clean up.


– Permanent filter may not be able to work with fine grounds.
– Non-programmable.

8Mr. Coffee DRX5 Programmable Coffeemaker

Another drip coffee maker that’s great for single shot coffee drinkers and people who have limited countertop space in apartments. The Mr. Coffee DRX5 is a 4-cup coffee machine that you can program to wake you up with a nice cup of brew each day. The Grab A Cup Pause function is helpful if you’re already late and you need a cup of coffee just before you step out the door. Avoid overflows with the Dual Water Window. Rounding out the list are the following- A Clean Lift Filter Basket and a 1 Hour Auto Shut Off for a quick and safe clean-up.

Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker does a lot of things. It can quickly brew a nice, hot cup for when you’re having guests over. Its small, yet classy-looking exterior will look great whether you put it on a small countertop or table. The drip mechanism brews delicious coffee without fail. Brewing your favorite beans should only take a few minutes with this coffee-making wonder.


– Makes hot coffee and a good brew.
– Easy-clean features.
– Auto shut off and programmable options.
– Compact size for small footprints.


– The lid might be tough to open when completely shut.
– There have been reports of weird first tastes when using this coffee machine.

7Bunn Velocity BT Brew Thermal Home Coffee Brewer

The company Bunn has had quite some years of experience in the coffee brewing and restaurant industry. The Bunn BT Home Brewer is a distillation of all those years in a hefty package. If you need large amounts of coffee in as little time as possible, then this drip coffee machine is your best choice.

The internal hot tank takes two full carafes of water to fill up; you get optimal coffee heating temperatures at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The brand has also introduced its special sprayhead build, which simulates the proper “turbulence” for wetting the coffee beans to extract its full flavor.

Time, turbulence and temperature are what the Bunn Velocity Home Brewer stands for. It can brew a record 10 cups in just a matter of 4 minutes tops. There might not be any programmable features or options to speak of, but this product gets the coffeemaking job done in a jiffy. Most importantly, Bunn sure gets the job done right. It comes with its own thermal carafe, plus a 3 year manufacturer warranty.


– Makes quick, delicious coffee in an instant.
– Unique sprayhead technology extracts the full bean flavor.
– Great thermal carafe included.
– Intuitive, push-button functions.
– 3 year manufacturer warranty.


– One of the largest drip coffee machines around.
– Closing the top to start brewing might take time getting used to.

6Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT Coffee Maker

One of the best drip coffee makers as featured in Amazon, the 12-cup coffee machine from Mr. Coffee is also one of the best when it comes to consumer value. Where do we start? At the exterior is a modern, sleek design which fits into any home theme. Inside is a wealth of features that any coffee aficionado will love. Programmable options include a personalized brew strength function, a serve and pause feature for when you need that coffee while it’s on half-brew, an automatic shut off and a warming plate.

The coffee making manufacturer boasts of its carbon-based water filter, which paves the way for a more delicious coffee with its ability to stave off up to 97% of chlorine from the water you use. Buyers can opt for either a thermal carafe, which you could purchase separately, or the glass carafe included in each box.

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT is a great buy for those who’d love to get a taste of the drip coffee business. Those who have purchased the unit remarked how easy it was to use and how it was easy to program. The product comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


– Great value for your money.
– Auto off for 2 hours and a warm plate.
– Choose between thermal or glass carafe.
– Pause and Serve option.
– Fully programmable.
– Varying brew strengths.


– Charcoal filter might prove to be a bit tedious.
– Drip complaints with the glass carafe.

5Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker

Another great offering by coffee maker Hamilton Beach, but at a lower price. The features that make up the Digital Coffee Maker add up to an easy espresso brewing experience. It looks like the overall layout of the product has been well-thought of, as the design includes an easy access for quick refills.

The detachable water tank is really easy to clean and fill up. You can even turn the Hamilton Beach Digital Coffee Maker around to reach the reservoir, thanks to the small wheels located at the bottom of the coffee making unit.

The best testament comes from the ones who have bought the product and tried it out for themselves. Many users have remarked how great the included glass carafe was, and how it didn’t dribble as was the issue with other carafes from branded drip coffee makers. The most important part is in making excellent coffee, to which the Hamilton Digital Coffee Maker does in spades.

The extra physical product improvements and features packed into one affordable coffee making unit makes the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffeemaker a worthwhile buy. The product includes a 1 year manufacturer warranty.


– Great physical design.
– Glass carafe does not dribble.
– A non-stick, adjustable warm plate.
– Brew strength option for up to 4 cups.
– Detachable water reservoir.
– Auto shut off, and pause and serve functions.


– Might be hard to empty the last few drops of coffee.
– Needs 10 minutes to make a coffee pot.

4Technivorm Moccamaster KBT741

The only drip coffee maker that’s entirely made by hand. Incidentally, this makes the Technivorm the most expensive coffee machine in this list. Are all those customizations enough to make a unique cup of coffee? Coffee fanatics have sworn by the fact that each cup of coffee made with the Technivorm tastes better than most conventional brands. It’s a worthy mention that this drip coffee making unit has already garnered several awards from prestigious coffee competitions.

The product comes in from the Netherlands. The Moccamaster unit with Thermal Carafe has the certifications of both the SCAE and the SCAA (that’s the Specialty Coffee Associations of Europe and America, respectively), backed with a full 5-year warranty. The price tag gets you a high-quality product that looks great on any countertop you put it in.

Users have made comparisons with the Bonivata coffee machine for having a consistent coffee taste each and every time. The sophistication doesn’t make it hard to operate- in fact, the labeled water reservoir with its wide opening was clearly the opposite of difficult. The best part about it is that you can look forward to a full pot of great-tasting coffee in as little as 5 minutes!


– Custom, hand-made drip coffee machine.
– SCAE and SCAA certified.
– 5 year warranty and made in the Netherlands.
– Premium smell and taste.
– Delicious pot of coffee in just 5 minutes.
– 10-cup capacity per brew.


– Cannot be programmed to brew at a future time.
– Premium price tag.

3Hamilton Beach Single Serve 2-Way Coffee Machine

Brew one, or twelve cups of coffee. This was the concept designed by longtime coffee machine manufacturer Hamilton Beach when they created the 12-Cup and Single Serve Drip Coffee Maker. Dual brewing functions can indeed serve a variety of coffee lovers looking for a capable coffee machine.

Hamilton created the innards and put it in a stylish, stainless coffeemaker unit that can be proudly showed off to guests and family alike. You can control how much coffee you need per single brewing, depending on mood and time of day. Moreover, you can pick whether to put in prepackaged soft pods or your favorite coffee beans.

The collection of features make the 2-Way Coffee Maker favored in the eyes of potential buyers. They can select different coffee strength in brew options, and make the drip coffee unit make the exact same recipe the next day. You get the pause and serve function, a warm plate made of non-stick material and a safety auto shutoff feature for good measure.

What else can we say about this excellent coffee machine? It looks great on any surface, makes a fantastic cup of coffee each time, and the unit is easy to clean. The Hamilton Beach Single Serve 2 Way Coffee Machine comes with a glass carafe and a 1 year manufacturer warranty.


– Pick between a full pot of coffee or a single serve, depending on time and mood.
– Barista style construction looks well-built and elegant.
– Intuitive control panel.
– Programmable with many helpful functions.
– Use Senseo pods or your own coffee grounds.


– Included mug is clunky and has a non-sealable lid.

2Cuisinart DCC-2650 12-Cup Brew Central

The DCC-2650 unit made by renowned coffeemaker Cuisinart churns out delicious cups of drip coffee. Programmable features are easily its greatest suit. Want to know more? How about the fact that the Cuisinart Brew Central is cheaper than most of the offerings in this list? The wealth of outstanding features make it the top choice among coffee enthusiasts.

First, you have a large capacity water reservoir that can accommodate 12 coffee cups at a time. If you won’t need that much, then you can press the button which sets it to brew coffee from anywhere between 1 and 4 cups. You can select how much flavor and robustness you desire. Users can “pause” the brewing process at any point and still get a hot cup of coffee as they walk out the front door.

There are improvements as per the previous level; the water level indicator is now much more visible than its predecessor. The charcoal-based water filter is still the best of its kind. A warm heating plate will keep your coffee delectable with 3 variable temperature settings. You also get a 0 to 4 auto shut off feature, a glass carafe, a 3 year manufacturer and a coffee filter to go with the actual unit.


– Intuitive coffee control panel.
– Adjustable heater plate keeps your coffee warm for hours.
– Brew and Pause function.
– Reliable 3 year warranty.
– Adjustable coffee brew strength.
– Make up to 14 cups in a single brewing.


– Thermal carafe not an option.
– Opening may not be large enough for sleepy hands.

1Bonavita BV1800 Coffee Maker

Most consumers who bought the Bonavita 8-Cup Drip Coffee Maker had one thing to say- it was the best coffee they have ever tasted! Hot, flavorful, aromatic and none of the plastic taste. There’s no question that the Bonavita BV1800 deserved the Certified Brewer Equipment Award given by the American Coffee Specialty Association. It’s also one of the few elite drip coffee maker machines that are fully certified by the prestigious SCAA for its outstanding quality and superb performance.

The Bonavita BV1800 boasts being able to brew 8 hot cups of aromatic coffee within 6 minutes’ time, due to its powerful 1400-watt heating element that quickly puts the water to an optimal brewing temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the showerhead does a great job evenly saturating the grounds for optimal flavor extraction. The instruction manual is simple and easy to understand.

The drip coffee machine does well under first-time hands, saving you from any frustration due to a difficult machine. You’ll be given a choice whether to get the thermal, steel or glass carafe when you buy this excellent coffeemaking product. It includes a 2 year manufacturer warranty.


– Awarded as Barista-Worthy by coffee lovers and enthusiasts.
– Get a full pot in just 6 minutes.
– Exceptional drip coffee taste.
– SCAA certified.
– Auto shut off safety feature.


– No option to brew coffee ahead of time.
– Consumers who always need 9 cups of coffee or more may not find it the best option.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

If you want to know why drip coffee makers are preferred by most Americans, then read on!

Drip coffee is a timeless tradition of brewing coffee. How it survived all the other, more advanced methods of making coffee is testament to how much difference it can give when it comes to making a delicious cup of espresso.

The best drip coffee makers combine the technique with advanced features such as multi-tasking options, speed, convenience and affordability. With it, you can still enjoy your morning cup of coffee without compromising time or taste.

What can you do with a drip style coffee machine? Here are just some of the features that make it stand out:

Be able to brew up to 14 cups of coffee at one time. Have you ever been surprised by an impromptu visit by co-workers or a group of relatives? Well now you can be on top of those situations. Simply push a series of buttons on the coffee machine and it will churn out the appropriate number of coffee needed to serve your visitors and keep them happy.

Programmable clock. Individuals who love smart home equipment will be delighted with this feature. Wake up to the sound of your drip coffee maker going at it with your favorite drink for the day. For the coffee lover, there’s no better way to have such a good start!

Auto shut off and power on. Features that require little to no human output are always useful. Set the auto on or off depending on the time you specify. Your coffee machine will automatically start the drip process in the morning. Imagine waking up to the delightful aroma, rather than stumbling your way in the kitchen so early in your attempt to make a good cup of coffee. As you finish your cup, the machine will stand idly and shut itself off to save on energy.

Bean to cup. There’s quite nothing like drinking freshly-brewed coffee first thing in the morning. No one likes to drink stale coffee as their first cup, and coffee maker brands have made innovations to ensure this won’t happen ever again. Today’s machines utilize a fresh bean to cup feature, which means that you will have the freedom to grind your favorite beans exactly to the size cup you want. The beans are only ground when you’re ready for coffee.

Drip coffee makers have other features that make them outstanding products overall. Brewing is made more comfortable and easier due to the glass carafes, which often come in insulated stainless steel. Coffee bean size and coffee strength options, permanent filters and drip trays round out the package.

The whole world is now drinking more delicious coffee than ever. Drip coffee makers are a great addition to any coffee-loving individual’s home appliances. But of course, not all drip coffee makers are made equal. Some are better at brewing that magical cup that gets you going in the morning.

Others could have a plethora of top-end features at a fraction of the cost. To aid you in your quest for that perfect drip coffee maker for your home, we lay out some of the best drip machines currently out in the market. These have been proven time and again to create some of the best-tasting coffee you’ve ever had in a long while.