Best Low Acid Coffees of 2022

We all love coffee, but sometimes it doesn’t agree with our stomachs. That’s because the average cup of coffee has over 2-dozen different types of acid in it and that can cause some stomach upset—particularly among people with sensitive constitutions. In those cases, a coffee with a low amount of acid is often the difference between enjoying your coffee or trying to recover from it.

To find a coffee that’s gentle on everyone, we’ve researched and discovered the ten best low acid coffees currently available. Each of the following coffees is specifically designed to have a lower amount of acid in their blend. And lower acid levels mean that more people can tolerate and enjoy their morning cup of Joe.

Best Low Acid Coffees Reviews

10Puroast Low-Acid House Blend

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This coffee not only has a low acid profile, but it also has a smoother flavor profile and is never bitter. It has 70% less acid than comparable coffee and doesn’t have the sour aftertaste that some brands have. What it does have, however, is a ton of antioxidants. Thanks to the way they roast the beans for this blend, it has 7-times more antioxidants than green tea has. This makes it not only a good choice for people with sensitive stomachs, but it’s also a good choice for anyone looking to increase their daily intake of antioxidants.

9Mommee Coffee Organic Ground Coffee

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Manufactured using low-acidity beans that have been specially roasted to reduce their acidity levels even further, this coffee has low acid levels that many people will appreciate. This coffee is 60% lower in chlorogenic acid than some of the other reduced acid coffee blends. It also has half the caffeine of other types of coffee, and they decaffeinate it without using any harmful chemicals. This allows this blend to be chemical-free and organic. And it’s also a quality coffee that’s been Fair Trade Certified as well.

8Health Wise Columbian Supremo Coffee

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Using only the highest grade of Columbian Supremo Arabica beans and roasted using a specially FDA-approved Techno-Roasting process, this product delivers a smooth flavor and a low acid profile. Although it doesn’t brew a coffee that’s as strong as other low acid brands, the coffee that it does make it tasty and delicious. These beans are roasted so that most of the bitterness and acids are eliminated from them, but the antioxidants and minerals in the coffee beans aren’t disturbed. This results in not only a better tasting coffee but a healthier one as well.

7Tieman’s Fusion Medium-Roast Coffee

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When it comes to finding a coffee that’s gentle on the tummy, what really matters is the pH level of the processed coffee. Fortunately, this coffee has one of the lower coffee pH ranges available, clocking in at about 5.85%. This means that it’s not only gentle on the stomach but is also nice and smooth as well. They create this coffee using 100% Arabica beans sourced from Central and South America and then roasting them to a nice medium roast. And it’s also fused with Matcha Green tea, Rooibos Red Tea and Goji Berry powders to add a burst of antioxidants as well.

6Lucy Jo’s Organic Sumatra Dark Roast

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Sumatran coffee beans are some of the best beans for low acid coffees, and no coffee proves this better than Lucy Jo’s Coffee. This product takes only the best beans from Sumatra and puts them through an extensive roasting process that gives them smokey goodness and reduces their acidity levels even further. Although this coffee usually costs more than comparable coffees, it’s easy on the stomach and has a really smooth taste to it. And since they use organic and single origin beans, coffee drinkers can rest assured that they’re getting 100% real coffee without fillers.

5Bulletproof The Original Ground Coffee

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Although this product isn’t specifically marketed as a low-acid coffee, it’s smoothness and gentleness on the stomach compelled us to put it on their list. We’re not sure why this coffee is so smooth or what makes it easier on the stomach when it hasn’t been specifically processed to lower acid levels, all that we know is that it is smooth and gentle. Perhaps it’s their Rainforest-Certified coffee beans that are grown without chemicals, or perhaps it’s their meticulous roasting process. Either way, this is a good coffee and one certainly worth checking out.

4Volcanica Coffee Sumatran Mandheling Coffee

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When most people are looking for a coffee that’s easier on the stomach, they’re looking for a low acid product. However, that doesn’t mean that they want to sacrifice flavor in the process. Fortunately, they don’t have to thanks to this coffee brand. It’s made using Sumatran coffee beans that are Fair Trade Certified, Certified Shade Grown and are sourced in partnership with the Rain Forest Alliance. The most important thing about this ground coffee, however, is that is has a chocolate flavor with very subtle earthy undertones to it. This makes it smooth, delicious and highly drinkable.

3Verena Street Medium Roast Breakfast Blend

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Although this product doesn’t call itself a low acid coffee blend, it is gentler on the stomach than most coffees. We’re unsure of whether this is actually due to reduced acid content, however, or if the dark beans are just easier on the stomach. Either way, this stomach had a smooth taste and didn’t cause the discomfort that high acid coffees often cause. It’s Arabica beans are sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms, and it’s dark roasted to bring out its unique flavor profile. And since it is less expensive than many comparable low acid blends, it may be the one that people with sensitive stomachs may want to look at more closely.

2Lucy Jo’s Mellow Belly Ground Coffee

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Everything you could ever want to know about this product is on its package. For example, it’s called Mellow Bellow and it also clearly states that it’s a low acid coffee. And that’s exactly what it is. This product has low acid levels that are easy on the stomach but don’t sacrifice flavor in the process. It’s made from organic Arabica beans that have been sourced from Indonesia and Brazil and then hand roasted to retain their optimal flavor. This ground coffee not only isn’t acidic, but it also has an earthy flavor that’s a bit sweet and a bit spicy on the tongue and not on the stomach.

1Folger’s Simply Smooth Ground Coffee

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Folgers may be a household name but few people realize that they make a coffee that’s low in acid but still high in flavor. This coffee, aptly named Simply Smooth, is a coffee that’s made from high-quality beans, and are medium roasted in New Orleans, Louisiana. They are then ground to a grind suitable for drip coffee makers and sealed in an Aroma Seal canister to lock in their flavor. What’s the result? The result is a coffee that’s easy on the tummy, is packed with flavor and is always fresh. It’s also a coffee that costs way less than some of its competitors. All of which makes it a good bet for people looking for a low acid blend.

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Your Guide To Low Acid Coffees

Before we begin this guide, it’s important to note that all coffee has some amount of acid in it, even low acid coffees. In many cases, this acid is well tolerated by the coffee drinker. However, if the person drinking the coffee has a sensitive stomach or drinks too much of their coffee, then it can cause stomach upset or heartburn.

Low acid coffees attempt to solve this problem by lowering the amount of acid in their coffee blends. And for the most part, these blends are quite successful in accomplishing that task. This means the best way to find a coffee with a low-amount of acid is to specifically look for coffees that state they have a lower amount of acid in them.

However, it should be said that not all coffees that have lower acid levels market themselves in that way. There are plenty of blends which have a lower amount of acid in them but don’t meet the standard to call themselves a low or no-acid coffee. Below we’ll show you what to look for to find the best mild coffee for your personal needs.

What To Look For In Low Acid Coffees

Once again, let us reiterate that the best way to buy a coffee with lower acid levels is to actually look for brands that market themselves as having a lesser amount of acid. However, if a coffee isn’t specifically marked as being a low acid blend, then you can look for the following indicators that show a coffee blend probably has lower acid then other brands of coffee. They might not have acid levels as low as low-acid blends, but they are probably milder coffees.

No Robusta Beans

One of the main things to look for in a coffee to ensure that it has lower acid is to look for the absence of Robusta beans. Many coffee makers either add Robusta beans to their blends to increase the boldness of the coffee or because these beans tend to be cheaper than other types of coffee beans. Unfortunately, Robusta beans are also more acidic than other types of beans, so if you’re looking for a milder coffee, then look for a blend that doesn’t contain any Robusta beans.

Avoid Coffees Grown At Higher Elevations

Although there are some mountain blend coffees that have lower acid levels, most of the time the coffees with the lowest amounts of acidity are grown at lower elevations. The lower the elevation, the more likely the beans are to have a milder flavor to them. Look for beans grown in Sumatra or in Colombia for the coffee with the lowest acidity levels.

Choose A Darker Roast

As a general rule, the longer beans have been roasted, the less acid that is usually found in them. Look for coffees that have been Italian roasted, French roasted or Espresso roasted. Those will deliver the coffees with the lowest acidity levels available.

Avoid Lower Quality Coffees

The lower the quality of the beans used, the more likely the coffee is going to be acidic. Even low-quality dark roasted coffees can have that bitterness and acidity that is capable of upsetting a person’s stomach. Therefore, it’s important to choose coffees that are manufactured by name brand manufacturers and avoid the generically branded coffees.

Brewing Low Acid Coffees

Another thing that coffee drinkers can do to ensure that their coffee is low in acidity, is to brew it in a way that ensures it maintains a lower acid profile. There are a variety of different ways of brewing coffee to ensure that it doesn’t have a lot of acids. These brew methods include the French Press Method and the Cold Brew Method. Using a french press to create a low-acid coffee is faster, but it doesn’t reduce acidity levels as well as cold brewing the coffee. Cold brewing is always the absolute gold-standard for reducing a coffee’s acidity levels.