How To Make Nitro Cold Brew

There are a variety of different coffee brewing methods that seem mysterious to people who may not be familiar with them, and one brewing method that seems extremely is nitro cold brewing. Not only does the name seem to inspire a sense of true excitement in people, but the fact that it’s a method of boosting cold coffee with nitrogen seems like something that has come from the future.

This exciting and seemingly scientific way of making cold coffee doesn’t have to be mysterious any longer. Now, thanks to many of the great nitro-brew systems that are available, anyone can enjoy this drink in the comfort of their home. And we’re going to show just how easy it is to do it. So, for all of our readers who are ready to take a plunge into this exciting way of making coffee, we’ve presented a guide that we hope will help you do it.

How To Make Nitro Cold Brew

In our opinion, there are two different ways for consumers to make nitro cold brew coffee at home. They can either spend a good chunk of change to purchase all of the equipment they’re going to need for the process separately, or they can go online and buy a Nitro-Brew System.

What’s the difference? Well, the main difference is that buying all of the equipment separately can become very expensive, and there’s also a bit of a learning curve involved with the entire process. Home-brew kits, on the other hand, are only a fraction of that cost, and they’re easy to use, too. That’s why in this article, we’re going to be using a nitro cold brew system for making coffee. And we advise everyone to follow our lead.

Step One: Start With A Good Nitro Cold Brew System

There are plenty of nitro cold brew systems for consumers to buy online. Some models use a handheld nitrogen canister and a specially shaped dispenser, while others use either a mini-keg or a stand-up nitrogen cartridge. The one you choose is certainly up to you, but some of the systems that we like include ones by Royal Brew, Growler Werks, and HB Brewing nitrogen cold brew systems. Just be sure to choose the one that you’re confident in using.

Step Two: Make A Cold Brew Coffee

The next step to making a nitro cold-brew is to make the best cold brew coffee possible. There a quite a few different ways to brew this type of coffee, but if you don’t have a preferred cold-brew method of your own, we’ve included one at the end of this guide for your convenience. Even if you decided not to do a nitro cold-brew, you still might want to take a look at it because we think it’s a good way to make cold brew coffee and we’re quite proud of it.

Step Three: Flavor Your Coffee (Optional)

Okay, this step is completely optional, but some people may want to give it a try if they like a particular type of flavored cold brew. There are a variety of coffee syrups that consumers can add to their cold brew coffee to take it to the next level, so if that sort of thing sounds interesting to you, then feel free to add your favorite flavoring to your coffee in this step.

Step Four: Use Your Nitro-Brew System

We don’t know what type of nitro cold-brew coffee system you’re inevitably going to be using, so we can give you precise details on making your coffee with it, but we will say that you should follow all of the brewer’s manufacturer’s instructions. Most of these systems are as easy as adding the coffee to a dispenser, hooking up the nitrogen hose, and adding the gas to the coffee. Follow the directions provided with your system and you should have no problems whatsoever.

Step Five: Swirl & Serve!

The final step to this whole process is to swirl the kettle to make sure the coffee and the nitrogen gas come together evenly and then pouring the resulting brew into a glass. And with that being done, all that’s left is for you to pat yourself on the back and enjoy your nitro cold-brew coffee.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee For Use In A Nitro-System

As we promised earlier, this is our recipe for making cold brew coffee—especially a cold brew that’s being used with a nitro-based system. We feel that it’s smooth, easy to drink, and complements most nitro-systems quite well.


  • 2.5-Cups Of Coarse Ground Dark-Roast Coffee
  • 12-Cups Of Cold Water
  • A Large Container With A Lid
  • A Mesh Sleeve
  • An XL Mixing Bowl
  • A Cheesecloth
  • A Wooden Spoon


Step One: Combine Ingredients

The first step is to place the coarse ground coffee in the large container and add the cold water. Using a wooden or plastic spoon, give the mixture a gentle mix and then cover it with the lid. Set this mixture in the fridge for at least 12-hours but no more than 24-hours.

Step Two: Strain The Mixture

Take the mixture out of the fridge, remove the lid, and pour the mixture through a mesh sleeve that has a double layer of cheesecloth strategically placed in it. If after the first filtering, the coffee still looks dark and cloudy, then you may want to filter it 1-2 more times to clean it up. The coffee is properly filtered when no more sediment remains in it.

Step Three: Add Some Cold Water

This is a fairly concentrated mix, so you may want to dilute it according to your taste. Usually, that involves mixing it at a ratio of 1:1 with ordinary cold water, but some people like to mix it with a ratio of 2-parts cold water to one part cold coffee concentrate. It’s ultimately up to you and your tastes how you want to mix it to achieve the taste you’re looking to achieve.